Internet Services

Internet Services

We offer a wide range of Internet Services for many different scenarios and business requirements.

ADSL – Asymmetric Digitial Subscriber Line (ADSL) is in many cases the most basic broadband connection.  It is available in most locations and provides speeds of up to 24 Mbps download and 2Mbps upload exclusively over copper cables.  Although ADSL has been largely superseded by FTTC/SOGEA and other broadband technologies, sometimes ADSL may be the only, or the best, option.

FTTC/SoGEA – Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) are very similar broadband solutions which utilise fibre optic cables for majority of the infrastructure, and being converted to copper at the BT street cabinets which then enters your premises.  This type of broadband is widely available in most areas to the extent where it has largely become the standard broadband solution for most sites.  It can typically achieve speeds up to 80Mbps download and up to 20 Mbps upload, although this can vary depending on location.  The main difference between FTTC and SoGEA is that FTTC requires a phone number whereas SoGEA does not.

FTTP – Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is currently being deployed across the region and improves upon FTTC/SoGEA by removing the copper wires and instead uses fibre optic cables for the entire run from the exchange to your premises.  This allows for much faster speeds, currently up to 900Mbps download and 115Mbps upload, which is great for providing your users the connection speeds they require in ever more demanding environments.

Leased Line – Leased Lines comprise of a full fibre solution similar to FTTP but have huge advantages over standard FTTP.  The primary advantage, as the name suggests, is that the line is yours and only yours, meaning there is no contention on the line and no other businesses in your area can contribute to slowing down your internet, which can be a real problem with FTTC/SoGEA/FTTP.  This ensures that as more and more of your business’s functions move online, you never have to wait because of your neighbours’ internet usage.  You also get priority support in case of any service drops, but with a 99.95% service availability, this is very rare.  In the unlikely event of a fault, the response and repair time is a rapid 5 hours.  Our Leased Lines can currently reach speeds of 10Gbps (10000Mbps) and are symmetric, meaning that you get the same upload speed as your download speed.

Mobile Broadband – In rare situations, there may not be any wired broadband solutions in your area.  If this is the case, all is not lost and we can offer to get you connected with a mobile broadband solution.  These utilise the widely available mobile network providers in conjunction with compatible hardware to provide you with a working internet solution in locations you may not have thought possible.

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