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Home IT services

Echo’s engineers have over a decades worth of experience in delivering IT support to homes in Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding areas. Over this time, we’ve developed excellent relationships with our clients and always provide top class customer service. Our expert engineers are patient and happy to help with any IT issues you might have at home. Services range from software & hardware installation to helping with general IT queries and everywhere in between.

We offer our friendly support over the phone or we can travel to you. No issue is too small so get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help.

Hardware Repair

We understand that sometimes hardware can fail or be accidentally broken, leaving you unable to use your PC. Here at Echo, our engineers are experts in hardware repair and replacement. We can can source replacement parts and install them for you quickly without breaking the bank. Some of the hardware we can repair and replace includes but not limited to:

  • Laptop Screens
  • CPU
  • Graphics Cards
  • Batteries
  • Power Supplies

Overheating Computer

Once Summer comes around, the combination of increased room temperature and natural dust intake of electronics can greatly increase the chances of your computer overheating – this is more common in Laptops due to their more compact design and smaller cooling systems.

Most modern computers will automatically protect against overheating by either slowing themselves down or by shutting themselves down before damage occurs – if you notice your computer is uncomfortably hot to touch, gets slower after a period of being turned on or is shutting down at random, then the cooling system may be clogged.

Computer not starting

Computers are considered essentials items in this day and age for nearly everyone, so when your beloved computer fails to power it might seem like it’s beyond repair. However, there’s a chance it could be a relatively simple fix. Let us take a look at it for diagnosis, as we may be able to save it.

In many cases it requires replacing internal parts to get it in working order again. If the computer is deemed beyond economical repair, we can attempt to recover your precious data for you and transfer it to a new machine or external media.

Virus Removal

One of the most common computer issues we encounter are virus infections. They can range from relatively minor issues such as pop-ups and webpage re-directions to infections that can cripple your entire computer.

Viruses can materialise in many ways – a malicious website disguised as a genuine one and a fake e-mail impersonation with attachments are just a few common methods for virus infection.

If your computer is acting up and you suspect a virus, please give us a call and we can assist!

Slow Computer

When you’re on a deadline and need to get an e-mail or document done, nothing is worse than a computer that takes ages to do anything!

There are many causes for computer slowdown – software can use up all available resources, the hard drive becomes full, or the computer just naturally slows down over time due to updates and application installs. We can run a full extensive health check on your computer, which includes hardware diagnostics, scans for potential problematic software and scans for viruses and malware.

In addition, we can often recommend hardware upgrades that will dramatically improve computer performance, such as solid-state drives.


We pride ourselves on being proficient with all sorts of software and hardware. We routinely install new hardware upgrades and replacements at our premises, and new software installs remotely for our customers. Hardware installs can range from simple RAM upgrades to complex setups.

We also offer onsite service to install new computers and printers so you can be ready to use your new computer without the hassle of setting everything up.

Speak to us about your home IT needs today!